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Kojima Haruna a member from AKB48 idol group. Very beautiful icon :D.
This is biografi from her,
Kojima Haruna (小嶋陽菜)    
Harunyan, Kojiharu (こじはる)
Kojima Haruna (2013)
Birth Info
Birthdate     April 19th, 1988
Birthplace     Saitama, Japan
Bloodtype     O
Current Age     25 Years Old
Height     164cm
B     80cm
W     60cm
H     86cm
Professional Info
Agency     Ogipro
Social Networks     Ameblo / Google+ / Twitter
Idol Career Info
Group     AKB48
Team     Team B
Debuted     October, 2005


        Saitama-ken kara kimashita, Kojiharu koto Kojima Haruna desu. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu
        (I come from Saitama prefecture, I'm Kojima Haruna also known as Kojiharu. Please be nice to me) .


    Hobby: Shopping
    Favorite food: Sushi, Mango
    Favorite mascot: Sanrio character My Melody
    Mayumi Natsu, a former choreographer for Morning Musume-a group which she fancies for, that challenged her to take part in the AKB48 audition.
    She is one of the original Team A member
    In January 2008 a member popularity poll was held at Stage48, an online comunity of AKB48's fans. Kojima ranked 8th out of 54 girls that time with 46 points. That is 67 points away from the first place winner, Oshima Mai.
    Known to be best friends with former member Komatani Hitomi. Sadly for some reason she was not present when Komatani announced her graduation plan.
    She dropped out of high school at the age of 16 due to school regulations which does not allow students to work in entertainment industry.
    Would of rather joined Morning Musume than AKB48.
    Kojima is well known as one of the tallest girl in AKB48
    Her autograph mimic a girl with hairstyle spelled "Haruna"

AKB48 Senbatsu Elections

    1st Senbatsu Election - #6 (Media Senbatsu)
    2nd Senbatsu Election - #7 (Media Senbatsu)
    3rd Senbatsu Election - #6 (Media Senbatsu)
    4th Senbatsu Election - #7 (Senbatsu)

AKB48 Janken Tournaments

    1st Janken Taikai - #3 (Lost to Ishida Haruka)
    2nd Janken Taikai - Best 16 (Lost to Oya Shizuka)
    3rd Janken Taikai - Round 3 (Lost to Umeda Ayaka)

    Kojiharu auditioned for AKB48 and was one of 24 girls to be selected to join, out of 7924 applicants.
    She debuted on stage on the 8th of December, 2005.
    No Sleeves debut with fellow members Takahashi Minami and Minegishi Minami.
    She was ranked 6th in AKB48's 1st Senbatsu Election.
    She was ranked 7th in AKB48's 2nd Senbatsu Election. 
    She was ranked 6th in AKB48's 3rd Senbatsu Election.
    She was ranked 7th in AKB48's 4th Senbatsu Election.

Team History

    Team A → Team B

source: http://q.gs/4FuFk

Free for photobook Harunyan /Kojiharu:


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