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Kasai Tomomi a personel of AKB48.
After 7 years with Oshima Yuko and friends joined AKB48, Tomomi Kasai finally graduated from AKB48 AKB48 after performing in theater, Friday (3/5) 2013.

Tomomi said, there are many things that make it frustrating, painful, sad and hard thing for 7 years in AKB48. At that time, he was comforted by reading all those comments in blogs and letters.
Towards the end appearance, Sae Miyazawa Tomomi sing along Tomo Yo. When hugged Sae, Tomomi crying. Additionally Oshima Yuko, Akimoto Sayaka, Ohori Megumi, Ayaka Umeda, Kana Kobayashi and Natsumi Matsubara join and sing Enjoy Your Life! on stage.

"I love all people, and all of my important family. I am anxious to take a new step forward, but I want to pursue my dream to stand on the same stage with everyone else. Thank you very much for 7 this year, "said Tomomi like tokyohive reported.

To flashback  remember of times in this some photobook AKB48 Kasai TOMOMI.
photobook Kasai Tomomi part 1
photobook Kasai Tomomi part 2
photobook Kasai Tomomi part 3
photobook Kasai Tomomi part 4
photobook Kasai Tomomi part 5
photobook Kasai Tomomi part 6

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